Work in progress, speak with someone familiar with printing before trying it yourself!

Pre print checklist

  • Switch the machine off if it was still on. Due to a bug in the firmware, you should only print after rebooting the machine.
  • Is there a notice on the machine saying it's not functional? If yes, contact an admin and don't continue to print.
  • Are all the screws fixed? Is the extruder fixed?
  • Are the three axis unobstructed?
  • Is there material in the extruder?
  • Was the gcode of the model checked for correctness using skeinforge?
  • Is there someone who has allready printed on the Reprap at your side?
  • Is the extruder fan connected?


  • Convert your .stl or .gts model to gcode using skeinforge. Use s' skeinforge config or a modification thereof repdist.tar.gz. Have a look at printing for config modifications.
  • Run your gcode through unix2dos.
  • Copy your gcode onto an SD card.
  • Insert card into RepRap.
  • Power the RepRap on.
  • Select “Print Object”, then press the right button.
  • Select the object to print using up and down buttons, then press the right button to start printing.
  • The extruder head will now begin to warm up.
  • Some material will now “leak” from the extruder head.
  • When at it's temperature, the RepRap will start to print the raft (if enabled in the config).
  • Now the object will be printed on top of the raft.
  • Wait for the object to finish. Observe the actions of the RepRap. If something unexpeted happens, power off the machine by pulling the plug!
  • Congratulations, you have printed your first object.

Post print

  • Power off the machine.
  • Document your print in printing. Take pictures and upload them to Thingiverse or to the wiki. Upload your model files to thingiverse or the wiki.
  • Weight your printed object and track your filament consumption
  • Are all the screws still in place? Is the extruder ok? If not, put a sign on the machine that warns the next users about the problem and document it in the wiki.