At the moment this rule set is just a draft and NOBODY must use the RepRap for printing until announced otherwise. In its current state it is not ready for productive use and could be damaged seriously

Since our RepMan has not only the super-power to print stuff,but also the power to destroy himself (and others), it is in all our interest that you stick to the following, basic rules when printing/ wanting to print:

Basic Rules

  • Only use the RepRap on your own, if
    • you have been instructed how to operate it
    • the status sign says “ready for printing”
  • If you are unsure about anything you do, just don't do it
Before printing:
  • Check the RapRap is ready for printing
After printing:

We have only limited printing capacities right now. That is why we have a defined sequence for print jobs:

  1. donators
  2. prints for club projects (authorised by a plenum)
  3. club members
  4. the rest of the world

In case there are several jobs within a group in the queue, please talking to each other. If no agreement can be found this way, the sequence will be determined scientifically by 3 sessions of Rock Paper Scissors Spock Lizard between conflicting parties.