Source Files

SMD Parts

Value Package Marking Parts
100 nF 0805 red C1, C5, C6, C7, C10, C11
22 pF 0805 blue C8, C9
330 Ohm 0805 green R1, R7
220 KOhm 0805 pink R3
1 KOhm 0805 yellow R5, R6
10 KOhm 0805 black R4, R8, R10
BC817C SOT23 8C T1
ZR431 SOT23 43A IC2


Placement of Components

Finished Board

Bug Fixes

The design contains (at least) 3 errors in the schematic and the PCB layout:

Number Description Affected Parts Fix
1 R8 is connected to the wrong pin of the RF module R8, RFM12 Solder R8 90 degrees rotated as shown in picture 1. Connect the now unconnected side of R8 with the pin shown in the picture using a thin wire.
2 R9 is not needed R9 Replace R9 with a solder bridge as shown in picture 1.
3 PCB layout for IC2 is wrong IC2 Solder IC2 as shown in picture 2. Do not solder it as shown in picture 1!